Friday, September 03, 2004

Well Said

An excellent response by Oliver Willis to the increasing idiocy on racial matters issuing forth from the hypocritical, sanctimonious and frankly bigoted Dean Esmay. Esmay wants to have the freedom to crack "nigger" jokes, but goes ballistic when Andrew Sullivan points out how Zell Miller does his darndest to live up to stereotypes about Southerners; he sees nothing wrong in lecturing blacks about how racism is so 1970s and we all just need to get over it, calling Oliver Willis a "spoiled brat" despite knowing nothing about the guy's background, even as he uses his own hardscrabble background as the ultimate trump card in discussions on racial issues. It's well past time somebody gave this loudmouthed idiot who goes around calling people "race hustlers" a clue, and for doing so, I say a hearty "Thank You" to Oliver Willis.

NB - In case you're wondering how to get at all the Esmay material I refer to above, just follow through to Willis' site; I refuse to dignify a loudmouth like Esmay with a direct link, sorry.