Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Trinitarianism - Vexatious Nonsense

In talking about the problems with much of contemporary Islamic practice, it is easy to overlook the sorry history of the faith one's own side is most familiar with, namely Christianity. How absurd is it to think, for instance, that men once came to blows and worse because of pointless hairsplitting over the difference between homoousios1 (ηομοουσιος) and homoiousios2 (ηομοιουσιος)? What is even more disheartening is to learn that not only did the former, more illogical alternative triumph over the latter, despite lacking entirely in scriptural support, and thus burdening an already self-contradictory creed with even more unreason, but that it did so purely on the say-so of a Roman Emperor for whom spiritual concerns were the farthest thing from his mind, concerned as he was mostly with stigmatizing a version of Christianity that had taken on great popularity amongst his Gothic enemies, all the better to set up an "Us vs. Them" dichotomy based on religious hatred.

Reading about the intellectual history of Christianity really is an eye-opening experience, and I find it impossible to believe that any reasonable and intellectually honest person could learn how the faith we know today came to be and still maintain his adherence to that religion. For the religiously observant Christian, ignorance really is bliss.

1 - “Of the same substance”
2 - “Of similar substance”