Sunday, September 05, 2004

Inaction on Darfur

Prometheus 6 links to a WaPo editorial lamenting the absence of any real international will to do something meaningful about the ongoing crisis in Darfur. As usual, the United Nations is proving itself impotent in putting a stop to a bloodbath, sticking to the issuance of meaningless resolutions that aren't backed up by anything more potent than threats of more of the same.

I wish I could say that I'm surprised by the lack of action on this issue, but I'd be lying if I did. I've maintained from the start that in issuing that resolution giving Sudan 30 days to act to end the killing and expulsions in Darfur, what most international parties were actually hoping for was that the "ethnic cleansing" campaign would be completed by then so that they could turn their attention to other, less taxing matters, and everything that's occurred since has vindicated my cynicism.