Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What Was That About "Root Causes?"

Could someone please explain to me what possible action by the Nepalese government could have prompted this slaughter? How was the cause of "freedom" against "illegal occupation" advanced by this?

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A militant Iraqi group said it had killed 12 Nepali hostages and showed pictures of one being beheaded and others being shot dead, the worst mass killing of captives since a wave of kidnappings erupted in April.

The announcement of the killings, made in a statement posted on an Islamist Web site on Tuesday, came as France intensified its efforts to save two French reporters held hostage by a separate group as a deadline set by their captors neared.

The Nepalis were kidnapped earlier this month when they entered Iraq to work as cooks and cleaners for a Jordanian firm.

The killing of men from a tiny country that has had nothing to do with the invasion or occupation of Iraq will send shockwaves through foreign companies doing business here.

"We have carried out the sentence of God against 12 Nepalis who came from their country to fight the Muslims and to serve the Jews and the Christians...believing in Buddha as their God," said the statement by the military committee of the Army of Ansar al-Sunna.
Ah, that explains it - they were "infidels", and therefore clearly deserving of death, though last I heard, Jordan was a predominantly Muslim country, wasn't it, so what's this talk of serving "Jews and the Christians?"

I can't believe that anyone with a shred of decency could indulge in the invention of apologies for such psychopaths. These scum obviously love killing for the sake of it, and they don't really care one way or another who they kill, whether Iraqi or foreigner, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim.

UPDATE: Here's an Iraqi blogger with more info and pictures. Warning: don't click on the link unless you have a strong stomach.