Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Why is the Guardian shielding these worthless traitors from identification?

The two young men sitting cross-legged in a small room off the courtyard of the Imam Ali shrine looked like any of the fighters around them.

Their beards were short and neat, their feet bare and their dress the simple dishdasha, the Arab robe. They were deferential to their militia commander and spoke idealistically of defeating the military might of America in Iraq's holy city of Najaf.

But both were from London, the first Britons known to have joined the Mahdi army, one of the most prominent fighting groups in the Islamic insurgency that has gripped Iraq in the year since the invasion.

Though the two men were born in Iraq - one in Najaf, the other in Baghdad - their families took them to England as children. They went to school and college in the capital, picked up strong London accents and British passports and finally returned to the country of their birth for the first time on Monday.

Their sole aim: to fight a "jihad" with a ragtag Shia militia loyal to the young cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. The Mahdi army and its allies have staged violent uprisings across south ern Iraq and are now battling the US and British armies and the Baghdad government.


The pair had travelled secretly into Iraq in the past few days, via a "not legit" route, according to Abu Haqid.

They had talked to others in London about coming out to fight. "Some said they would wait and see what happens to us," he said. "We told them 'our brothers are fighting down there, they are not eating well, they are not sleeping well, we have to be in the same place as them, the same position as them'."

They had the support of their families, Abu Haqid added: "It is our religion and our families can't stop this thing. We all have a belief, me and my family, when it comes to jihad. We asked our families and they said yes. It is good to protect your country and be there with your brothers."
Here's to these two contemptible idiots meeting a bloody end from the US marines; as for their families, if it does turn out to be true that they supported their children's treachery, they should either be clapped in jail or summarily deported from Britain after their British citizenship has been stripped from them. Heck, the mere fact that they let their children go abroad to fight against the troops of the very nation that hosts them without informing the authorities is proof enough of their guilt.

A lesson needs to be sent to any immigrant hotheads intoxicated by dreams of jihad that Western tolerance for that sort of thing will extend thus far and no further. Unfortunately, I worry that the likes of Tony Blair and David Blunkett aren't the sort to mete out the necessary instruction - they're more likely to engage in hand-wringing about "root causes" and meeting with moronic "representatives" of the "Muslim community" to reassure them about "Islamophobia."