Friday, August 13, 2004

A Suspicious Resignation

In reading about James McGreevey's resignation, I can't help wondering why it's taking place at all - or at least, why it should be taking place for the reason he's stated. That he had a gay affair may be traumatic for his wife (though she hardly seems all that traumatized by it), but why the voters of New Jersey should give two hoots one way or another is beyond me: would anyone have been baying for his resignation if the affair had been with a woman?

This is heavily Democratic New Jersey we're talking about, not some super-religious GOP state, and I refuse to take at face value McGreevey's "gay affair" excuse for resigning. My suspicion is that the corruption allegations were beginning to gather serious steam, and that he seized on this excuse to resign as a way to avoid scrutiny without suffering far more damaging political exposure.