Sunday, August 15, 2004

McGreevey's No Martyr

Events are proving me to have been correct in my cynicism about McGreevey's announcement of his resignation, but what I find even more interesting is this damning entry appearing on, of all places, the Daily Kos.

I had a few beers and dinner with my co-workers, and all throughout the night proclamations of "I am a Gay American!" were being shouted out, amid mild derision. All the while, I wanted to go home to check Kos. I was desparate to get home to the soft warm orange glow of the Daily Kos.

And when I get home, I see that Kos and many others on this site have cannonized Jim McGreevey as some sort of saint for coming out of the closet. Discussions ranged from "It was so wonderful that we finally had a gay governor in America" to "And wasn't his speech courageous. What an honorable man. A class act, through and through" to "And Fuck anyone who keeps a gay man in the closet. Fuck anyone who forces a politician to resign because of his sexuality."

Have you people lost your minds?

Jim McGreevey is scum. He is corrupt. He is a liar. A cheat. He is dishonest. He is a political opportunist of the worst kind. He has been dragging down the Democratic Party in Jersey for the last three years. And that was all true BEFORE yesterday. All we found out yesterday was that he may also be a criminal. He may also be a rapist. He may also be a sexual offender or at the very least a sexual harrasser.

The fact that Jim McGreevey is gay is absolutly irrelevant to this whole story. He is not being forced to resign and he is not resigning because he is gay.

If Cidel was a woman, the story would be the same in all honesty. The media finds it more salicious right now because of the "outing" and homosexual aspect, but that is not the story here. All over the news in Philly today, from local TV news, to 610 WIP Sports Talk to Mix 95.7, people are being interviewed and not one person cares whether or not McGreevey is gay.

McGreevey did break his marriage vows, and he cheated on his wife with another person.

McGreevey met this other person in Israel, brought him back to America, and continued his affair with this person.

McGreevey appointed this person, Cidel, to the New Jersey equivalent of the Secretary of Homeland Security. Mind you, Cidel has not experience whatsoever in the field of security, or counterterrorism. Further, he is not an American. He is Israeli. What McGreevey has done here in the name of romantic nepotism is almost treasonous.

McGreevey continues his love affair with Cidel as he attempts to get him nominated to be Homeland Security Director.

The relationship goes south. Cidel's appointment is rejected. He eventually demands $5 million from McGreevey for his silence about the sexual relationship. Further alleged events transpire that lead to Cidel announcing this week "Pay me or I am suing." I suppose the answer was "No" since the lawsuit was filed.

Now, yes, Cidel's credibility is tarnished by his blackmail and attempted extortion. But it does not change the story.

And story is that McGreevey was a horrible failure as a Governor. And he is a horrible man in his personal life. And that is not because he is gay.

This is a man who only married for political purposes. He strung these women along to advance his political career. He had children to advance his political career. McGreevey did not just find out or discover his sexuality. He has known for sometime. He has known about it most definitely before his second marriage to his current wife, for his relationship with his first wife ended...because he was gay. His first wife did not just decide one day to up and go to British Columbia. She left because he was gay! So McGreevey had to know that he was gay before he married again another woman and had another child.

That is the pinnacle of dishonest behavior. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he was gay. It has everything to do with the fact that he was lying about it.

At that point in his life, before his second marriage, he could have "outed" himself and remained active in politics. It was the 1990's. It was not the 1950's. If he wanted to become Governor one day, he still could. And then he truly would have been the patron saint of Daily Kos, because in all probability he would have been elected as the first openly gay Governor in America. And we would have been proud.

But no. McGreevey continued the charade. He continued to lie about his sexuality. He married again. He had another child. He had affairs. Many affairs, not just with Cidel. And he compromised the safety and security of the people of New Jersey but attempting to install his unqualified and non-American lover as the person in charge of Homeland Security. And there will be more information to follow about the details of this relationship.

So let's not cannonize this man. He is not deserving of our admiration. He is not deserving of our respect. He did us a favor yesterday by resigning and saving the Democratic Party from drowning with him. And we should thank him and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours. And that is all.
Although there are more than a few of the usual moronic commenters on the post who are only willing to think about how to deprive New Jersey's voters of the chance to vote for a replacement governor, it's heartening to see that there are liberals out there, like the author of this post, who aren't willing to exempt "their" politicos from hard scrutiny, especially when said politicians attempt to wrap themselves in the mantle of victimhood. There is hope for the American Republic yet.