Thursday, August 05, 2004


One more thing I'd like to say: I wrote to Glenn Reynolds pointing out to him that Annie Jacobsen's scare-story about "terror in the skies" (heavily promoted by Michelle Malkin) turned out to have been a big fuss about nothing, and I also sent him a link to the 2002 paper arguing for a fully randomized system rather than a lazy reliance on profiling, but I never heard anything back from him, nor did I ever see him put out an update on his blog to inform his readers about the developments that followed on the heels of the original story. By contrast, when it came to putting the word out about Michelle Malkin's book, he wasted no time in doing so, and despite the mealy-mouthed words about the interning of Japanese-Americans having been "both a tragic mistake and a grievous wrong", he doesn't actually come out and say what he thinks about the real thrust of Malkin's book, which is that Arab-Americans and Muslims ought to be profiled and, if need be, interned in the name of "national security"; the logical conclusion to draw from all this is that Reynolds doesn't actually think that the profiling and interning of entire ethnic groups is either wrong or ineffective per se, just that it was wrong in that particular case involving Japanese-Americans, which is a mighty convenient stance to hold, what with it having occurred 60 years in the past and all.

I'm tired of Reynolds' consistent refusal to acknowledge in any way, shape or form opinions that depart from the right-wing party line unless they're so extreme that they can easily be lampooned in a few throwaway lines, and I shall no longer be reading or linking to an individual who's become a full time Republican shill. It would be one thing if he were an unusually perceptive shill, in which case one might forgive him his reflexive partisanship - at least he'd be giving one food for thought - and it would also be something else if he permitted some form of feedback that his readers could easily discover, but he possesses neither virtue, and as such he just isn't worth my time.