Friday, August 13, 2004

Help, Help, I'm Being Oppressed!

A commenter at Catallaxy engages in a nice bit of rhetorical ju-jitsu that's oh-so-typical of America's Religious Right:

I believe that religious Christians are discriminated against. Look at how there was a 2-part French documentary called "The world according to Bush" which attacks him for his beliefs.
So a French documentary that attacks Bush for his beliefs is proof positive of anti-Christian discrimination, right? Uh huh, sure, right. Those poor widdew Chwistians!

Let's get real here: Bush is a politician, and as such one's hard placed to think of a better reason to attack him other than for his beliefs. The thing is that many Christians have a powerful need to believe that they are being persecuted - the victim mindset is built right into both the Old and the New Testament - and as such they're happy to seize on the flimsiest and most illogical of reasons to reinforce that point of view.

It's such a pity that the absurdity of suggesting that Christians are being "discriminated" against simply because someone dares to criticize them isn't so apparent when the word "Christians" is replaced by "Muslims", otherwise 99 percent of the claims of "Islamophobia" out there would also be dismissed as the pathetic attempts at deflecting criticism that they actually are.