Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Enemy Within

Another swarthy male goes on trial. Just goes to show why only Real Americans™ can be trusted, doesn't it?

Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson
A US soldier has gone on trial accused of trying to give away secrets to undercover agents who he allegedly thought were Islamic militants.
Ryan Anderson, a Muslim convert serving in the US National Guard, is charged with trying to pass information to the al-Qaeda movement.


Mr Anderson, 27, is alleged to have signed on to extremist internet chatrooms in order to contact al-Qaeda operatives to offer services and information.
Maj Jenks said he had evidence from various sources, including text messages and email, showing Mr Anderson wanted to help enemy forces, Reuters reported.
Mr Anderson is also accused of providing agents posing as al-Qaeda representatives with documents providing some specifics about army equipment.
"This is a case about betrayal," Maj Jenks told a panel of commissioned officers on the opening day of the court-martial.
"Betrayal of our country, betrayal of our army and betrayal of our soldiers."
Chalk up another glorious success for racial profiling! Where would we all be if we listened to these namby-pamby Liberals Who Hate America and went about harrassing all-American boys-next-door while swarthy foreigners are allowed to roam unwatched?