Thursday, August 05, 2004

Don't I Know This Guy?

Who knew that "Godlesscapitalist" was a GOP congressional candidate living in Tennessee?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Republican congressional candidate James L. Hart acknowledges that he is an "intellectual outlaw."

He is an unapologetic supporter of eugenics, the phony science that resulted in thousands of sterilizations in an attempt to purify the white race. He believes the country will look "like one big Detroit" if it doesn't eliminate welfare and immigration. He believes that if blacks were integrated centuries ago, the automobile never would have been invented.

He shows up at voters' homes wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a gun, and tells them that "white children deserve the same rights as everyone else."

Despite his radical views, Hart may end up winning the Republican nomination because he is the only GOP candidate on the ballot in Thursday's primary. His presence in the campaign has embarrassed Republican leaders, who were blind-sided by Hart after they didn't bother fielding a candidate. Democratic Rep. John Tanner (news, bio, voting record) has held the seat for 15 years and is considered safe in November.

Republicans now desperately hope that a write-in candidate will stop Hart.

"I would characterize him as a racist, an elitist," said write-in candidate Dennis Bertrand, a financial analyst and former military officer. "His idea of ... genetically altering the human race in order to build a super race with super intelligence is appalling."

Much of Hart's platform revolves around eugenics, which arose in the early 20th century as a pseudoscientific movement to solve social problems by preventing the "unfit" from having children. It inspired 33 states to pass laws that allowed the sterilization of some 65,000 people, and Nazi Germany used the U.S. examples to justify programs that sterilized and killed millions.

Hart, a 60-year-old real estate agent, knows his views on eugenics are far from the mainstream and viewed as racist by most people.

He insists his beliefs have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with "favored races" from Europe and Asia and "less-favored races" from Africa. To achieve his goal of a country populated by "favored races," Hart proposes eliminating both welfare and immigration.

"If an individual demonstrates the ability to produce and contribute to society, he or she would be encouraged to have more children. People on welfare would not," Hart said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.
The similarity in views is uncanny, isn't it? Actually, it isn't, at least not to those who are at all familiar with the worldview of the eugenicist fringe; it's hardly a coincidence that people who buy into one part of the viewpoint will also buy into the whole bill of goods - virulent opposition to immigration, and opposition to welfare not because of any principled ideas about its economic efficiency and its disincentivizing effects on those who receive it, but because "less-favored races" seem to be disproportionately benefiting from it. Along with all this naturally goes the tired old pose of the martyr for hard truths, battling against the monstrous forces of weak-minded compassion. We've seen all this before, and there was once a nation in which such ideas were official policy; yes, you guessed it, I'm talking about Nazi Germany.

When I call those who hold such views as outlined above neo-nazis, I'm not in the least bit engaging in hyperbole; despite all their claims to be merely putting forward "uncomfortable truths" in the cause of science, what one always finds with such people is that the racial animus against blacks came first, and only afterwards was a pseudo-scientific rationale cooked up to explain it. That's why one sees our anonymous coward friend "Godlesscapitalist" obsessively trolling other people's websites spewing link after link in an effort to convince people that the scientific research says one thing when it actually says something else, always banking on the laziness of others to spare him the embarassment of being revealed as a racist charlatan. This cowardly wretch pretends to be a "scientist", yet he loathes nothing more than having to deal with critics who actually know a thing or two about the science he's misusing to engage in his calumnies; that the likes of him are allowed to settle in America only because of the struggles of African-Americans means nothing to him, nor does it register with him that were his allies in "VDare" ever to get their way, his "Italian looking" backside would be one of the first to either be deported or marched into a gas chamber.

Actually, I take back the suggestion that "Godlesscapitalist" is James L. Hart - that man at least has the courage to advocate his disgusting views under his own name, which our cowardly little "researcher" (who's more likely to be a janitor with a courtesy University pass than he is to be doing "research" of any kind) has not had the cojones to do.