Monday, August 23, 2004

Democrats Against Democracy

Perry de Havilland rightly calls out the Democratic Party for its efforts to deprive voters of a choice by attempting to keep Ralph Nader off the presidential ballot. This is especially ironic, as de Havilland notes, given the very name of the party that is undertaking this initiative to undermine the democratic process; what's next, the Republican Party supporting monarchy?*

I find this effort every bit as disgusting as any shenanigans Republicans might have pulled to try to keep likely Democratic party voters off the electoral roles: by what right do Democrats assume that theirs is the only legitimate choice that left-leaning voters may be permitted to make? If some voters feel like ticking the box for Nader, Badnarik or anyone else, then so be it - a degree of ideological affinity doesn't confer any sort of entitlement to a voter's support.

One last thing: I don't want to hear any whining about Republicans cynically backing Nader to siphon off Democratic Party votes. Whatever their reasons for doing so, it violates no law, and it isn't as if voters will be forced at gunpoint to tick the box for Nader if they feel that Kerry better represents the beliefs they stand for. Trying to kick him off the ballot effectively sends the message that those who support him are too stupid to be trusted with a real choice at the polls, and in any case, the door is always open to Democrats to use the Libertarian Party to the same ends against the GOP.

*On second thought, given the Bush dynasty, perhaps that isn't a joke.