Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dear God, No!

Three* abominations are enough!

Star Wars creator George Lucas could be poised to make three sequels to the original space opera trilogy, according to insiders at Lucasfilm.

According to fan site, employees at Lucas's company Industrial Light and Magic have all been made to sign non-disclosure agreements to promise not to talk about the possibility of episode's seven, eight and nine being made.

Now industry insiders are predicting the director will make the follow-ups, which pick up where 1983's Return of the Jedi left off, despite insisting he would never be lured into filming them.
The horror, the horror! This had better be a groundless rumor. Lucas' prequels are vivid illustrations of the warning "be careful what you wish for, or you just might get it."

*"Three?" you may ask, but can there really be any doubt that the third installment is going to be as bad as the first two? All that money has bloated Lucas' ego to such an extent that there's no chance he'd have submitted his script to someone with decent writing skills to scrutinize.