Monday, August 30, 2004

A Breath of Fresh Air

Randy McDonald injects some sanity (along with a healthy helping of old-fashioned things like facts) into the whole "HBD ├╝ber alles" line that a certain GNXP commenter has relentlessly pushed for what seems like forever. More power to him, and here's hoping for more along such lines from GNXP contributors going forward.

NB - It's amusing to see the ignorance of the realities of apartheid revealed by the various commenters who've rushed in to knock down Randy's argument. I've done my fair share of writing on this topic and don't feel like rehashing it all again, but anyone who's interested can search my archives easily enough - just see the searchbar above. One has to be an extremely bigoted ignoramus to make silly claims like "blacks and Indians were given the same opportunities under apartheid."