Monday, July 05, 2004

You Don't Say?

Here's the BBC to tell us what we've long suspected: that public sector workers can teach the rest of the workforce a thing or two about the art of taking sick-leave.

Public sector workers took nearly 11 days off sick last year, almost 50% more than in the private sector.
Absenteeism in the public sector is costing the taxpayer £4bn a year, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey suggested.
Overall, workers took 9.12 days off sick on average in 2003, with stress an increasing cause of absence.
The cost of sickness absence has risen from £567 per worker to £588 during the past year, the CIPD said.

Colds and flu were the most common cause of sickness absence, but most of the 1,100 employers surveyed said stress-related days off were also on the increase.
How stressful it must be to be asked to put in a full day's work at a job with essentially lifetime security! The lot of the public sector worker is indeed one to be pitied: as we all know, work-related stress is virtually unheard of amongst the employees of private firms ...