Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ye Hypocrites!

When Michael Moore makes a movie insinuating in so many ways that Bush is in the paid employ of the Saudi government, it's called a documentary, but when the NRA starts broadcasting its views on satellite radio, the New York Times lambasts it as propaganda. Are we to take it that a news source is "legitimate" only when its worldview accords with that of the Times?

If Michael Moore can so transparently skirt the incredibly stupid campaign-finance laws on behalf of which the Pravda-on-the-Hudson advocated so forcefully and for so long, then there's no good reason why the NRA shouldn't be allowed to do the same. It shouldn't be up to the NYT, the FEC or any small band of besserwissers to decide for the rest of us just what constitutes a "legitimate" news source and what doesn't.