Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Why Grandmas Need Searching Too

At the risk of flogging this one issue to death, I'd advise any doubters still out there to look closely at the case of Nezar Hindawi and draw the appropriate lessons. Note that all this happened way back in 1986.

Nezar Hindawi was convicted of attempting to place on an El Al aircraft at London (Heathrow) Airport a device likely to destroy or damage the aircraft contrary to Section 1(1) of the Criminal Attempts Act 1981 ... he was sentenced to 45 years' imprisonment on the major charge and 18 months on the minor charges. The judge commented that "this was a well-planned, well-organised crime, which involved many others besides yourself, some of them people in high places. A more cruel and callous deception and a more horrendous massacre it is difficult to imagine"

Experts testified during the trial that had the device, containing 1.5 kg of military explosive, been detonated, it would probably have caused the total loss of the aircraft and the deaths of all 375 passengers and crew.

Hindawi's trial
Nezar Hindawi had been arrested on 18 April 1986 at a hotel in West London. During interrogation, he admitted having handed his pregnant Irish girlfriend a bag containing an explosive device for her to take on a flight to Israel.


Using his Syrian official passport in the name of Share, Hindawi returned to London on 5 April, and stayed at the Royal Garden Hotel posing as a member of a Syrian Arab Airlines (SAA) crew. He was passed a bag containing Semtex, a powerful military plastic explosive of Czechoslovak manufacture, together with a calculator, by Adnan Habib, whom he believed to be an official of SAA. Hindawi contacted his girlfriend and, although already married to a Pole, proposed marriage and a honeymoon in Israel. She accepted. On 16 April Hindawi took the bag containing explosive, which he had left for 10 days at his father's home, to her flat where he filled it with some of her clothes. The following day he took her by taxi to Heathrow Airport and, during the journey, activated the detonator by putting a battery in the calculator; after explaining that he would follow on a later flight, he left her to board the El Al aircraft.(emphases added)
They don't get much more ruthless than that, do they? It's hard to believe that anyone could do such a thing to a woman carrying his child, and yet it happened. Had El Al been operating the sort of "security by skin color" procedure so many hysterical bigots are currently advocating, this young woman and 374 other souls would currently be no more than ashes and decaying body parts scattered all over Europe or the Mediterranean. By all means let's thoroughly search and question swarthy Arab males, but let's also do the same for trusting grandmas and toddlers, as well as Ann Coulter and Annie Jacobsen lookalikes.

POSTSCRIPT: This TSA article is also worth reading - yes, you guessed right, the wee children must join in the fun too!
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