Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"Race Realism" or Plain Old Racism

I realize that some readers may be heartily sick by now of reading yet more on this issue, but I can't recommend highly enough this serendipitous Tacitus post on the whole issue of "race realism." The history of scientific racism (whatever guise it may choose to parade under at a given time) is a long and extremely inglorious one, and while there's nothing wrong with speculating about possible differences that may or may not exist between groups, acting as if one's unfounded speculation were fact is something else altogether, and far more dangerous than so-called "race realists" would like to admit - which I suppose is why so many of them love to make such a big deal about communism, all the better to make the crimes that stemmed from "race realist" pseudoscience seem unexceptional. Unfortunately for such individuals, intelligent people don't buy into the "Tu quoque" fallacy.

As I abhor talking about an issue in an information vaccum, I'm compiling a bibliography of material related to eugenics, "race hygiene" and public policy in America and Europe during the 20th century, which I'm hoping to put online by the end of this week. The intention is to establish a resource that can be used to quickly rebut any attempts by "race realist" apologists to pretend that their garbage is something other than the warmed up Nazi* propaganda that it is.

NB - In the Tacitus discussion threads that follow the main post body, watch out for the remarks by "RedDaniel", who seems to know his science better than most of the others on the thread; his response to a certain anonymous racist crackpot's tiresome attempt to snow his critics by "blinding them with science" is particularly priceless.

*No Godwin's Law violation here - when I say "Nazi propaganda", I literally do mean Nazi propaganda.