Thursday, July 22, 2004

Interesting Factoid of the Day

A little something to cheer the hearts (and possibly other regions) of Britain's male population - according to one survey, British women are unusually mammarily endowed.

A survey suggests British women have the largest breasts in Europe.
The survey of 5,000 women shows more British women than those in six other countries wear bras of size D and above.
Around 30% of British women between 30 and 39 use D, E and F cup sizes.
The Dutch are second with around 20%.
Denmark, Belgium and France come next. Sweden and Austria have the smallest percentage of women using larger bra cups sizes.
German women weren't part of the survey.
Rob Brand, a spokesman for Triumph bras, says: "We're not sure, but we think hormones in the contraceptives or in the food may cause breasts to become bigger.
"Otherwise it's hard to explain why British and Dutch women have the biggest breasts. They're not the fattest women in Europe."
The study was carried out by GfK Fashion Scope, a market research company from Rotterdam.
Perhaps GMOs are good for something, after all? And to think British women had a reputation for being unattractive! The myth that Sweden is simply saturated with big-breasted blonde bombshells also takes a hit with this announcement.

NB - The critically impaired are advised to take all of this with the odd swimming pool or two full of salt.