Thursday, July 08, 2004

French Moral Leadership

Once again the French show why they are so much better suited to guiding the world's affairs than the simplistic Yankee unilateralists - this time by opposing UN sanctions on Sudan. Yes, that's right folks, France sees nothing going on in Darfur worth penalizing anyone for!

France says it does not support US plans for international sanctions on Sudan if violence continues in Darfur.
The UN Security Council is debating a US draft resolution imposing sanctions on militias accused of "ethnic cleansing" against non-Arabs.
The US also hinted that the sanctions could be extended to the government.
Meanwhile, African leaders have urged Khartoum to stop bombing Darfur and say their proposed 300-strong force will have a mandate to protect civilians.
US Secretary of State Colin Powell says promises to reign in the pro-government militia, known as the Janjaweed, have not been kept by Khartoum so far.
"Only action not words can win the race against death in Darfur," he said.


"In Darfur, it would be better to help the Sudanese get over the crisis so their country is pacified rather than sanctions which would push them back to their misdeeds of old," junior Foreign Minister Renaud Muselier told French radio.
France led opposition to US moves at the UN over Iraq. As was the case in Iraq, it also has significant oil interests in Sudan.
Mr Muselier also dismissed claims of "ethnic cleansing" or genocide in Darfur.
"I firmly believe it is a civil war and as they are little villages of 30, 40, 50, there is nothing easier than for a few armed horsemen to burn things down, to kill the men and drive out the women," he said.
Human rights activists say the Janjaweed are conducting a genocide against Darfur's black African population.
What a contemptible, greedy, loathsome bunch of arrogant bastards! Is there any tyranny the French aren't willing to kiss up to for selfish national reasons, any bloodletting they aren't willing to overlook for the sake of "la gloire"?

If there's any country for which the refrain "It's all about oil!" was ever justified, it is France. Oil is all that matters for these ... these cockroaches, even if it must be obtained by stepping over hundreds of thousands of dead bodies.