Sunday, July 18, 2004

Flying While Swarthy - Part II

I see that P.Z. Myers has gotten to the latest bit of racial hysteria that's been making the waves. Having already commented on this issue very recently in the past, there's little new for me to say, other than to follow some of the links provided by Myers, and to check in on this Metafilter thread while you're at it.

The things an overactive imagination can get up to when allied with prejudice! There'll be no pleasing a lot of people unless we regard all swarthy individuals as terrorists and round them up into concentration camps simply for breathing. What did this idiot woman expect, that by treating her fellow passengers as murderers-to be she'd somehow endear herself to them? God knows I'd have shot her a nasty look myself were I in their shoes, but no, this hysterical fool takes it as yet more evidence to confirm her fears. Glenn Reynolds should feel ashamed for giving the oxygen of publicity to this rubbish.