Sunday, June 27, 2004

VIking Massacre

I promised to refrain from making any more predictions during the course of this tournament, but here's one I can make with some confidence, even though the match still has about 30 minutes to run - the Danes are going home!

Denmark's never been a team known for its striking power, and now that the Czechs are ahead 3-0 the Danes simply haven't a prayer of recovering. If the Czech Republic doesn't carry the trophy at the end of this tournament it'll be a real surprise.

What's really surprising is how Milan Baros has come alive in this tournament after such an uninspired record for Liverpool over the last year; two goals in the space of 2 minutes! I'd say that Baros' remarkable campaign supports the notion that the real problem with Liverpool was manager Gerrard Houllier's inability to get the best out of his players, rather than anything wrong with the players themselves.