Saturday, June 12, 2004

Still No Closure in the Philippines

If this BBC article is to be believed, the Philippines has still not resolved the impasse over the May 10 elections.

The people of the Philippines have celebrated 106 years of freedom from Spain, but they still do not know who will lead them for the next six years.
After months of election campaigning and weeks of vote-counting, President Gloria Arroyo is in a tight race against film star Fernando Poe Jr.


Surveys suggest Mrs Arroyo will beat Mr Poe by a narrow margin once all the votes from the 10 May election are counted.
Poe has traded on his fame as a movie star
Her government warns of instability plots and his camp complains about election fraud.
Americans think they have it bad; in the Philippines the only choice is between a crook and a crooked moron.