Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sterling Uses of Public Funds

Socialized medicine means even trannies shouldn't ever have to go out of pocket ...

June 13, 2004 -- People wanting to change their gender, including teens in the city's foster-care system, are getting pricey opposite-sex hormones for free through Medicaid — even though the practice is barred, The Post has learned.
Doctors and clinics that treat transgender New Yorkers have helped them obtain hormones through Medicaid by listing other diagnoses, sources said.

Medicaid, which is taxpayer financed, is now trying to halt the payments by using its computer system to detect whether estrogen is being sought for males, or testosterone for females.
Transgender advocates defend the deception, saying the treatment is vital to their well-being, and that the state is discriminating against them.

One transgender foster youth in the custody of the city's Administration for Children's Services received thousands of dollars worth of Medicaid-paid female hormones over the past two years, she said.

"I never paid for hormones — not once, " said Antoinette Santiago, 20, who has changed her sexual identity from male to female.
Santiago said she got prescriptions starting at age 18 from a doctor in Greenwich Village.
She said the doctor diagnosed her with "gender dysphoria," an intense distress at being one's biological sex.


Since 1998, Medicaid has explicitly barred payment for any drugs or treatment for "gender reassignment."

But since sex hormones are often prescribed for other hormonal problems, many transgender people have gotten them through Medicaid "under the radar," said Dean Spade, a lawyer with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in Manhattan, an organization that fights for transgender rights.

A doctor who treats transgender teens and adults at a community clinic told The Post it gets Medicaid payments by listing diagnoses such as "endocrine disorder."
Makes you feel all warm inside knowing that this sort of thing is what your hard-earned funds are going to, doesn't it? This is just the sort of thing one has to expect when "rights" multiply in the form of funding mandates.

It could be worse, I suppose - at least the taxpayer won't be carrying the bill for his genital mutilation ... ahem, I meant "sex reassignment" surgery; then again, one never knows what clever ruse some doctor might come up with to stick the public with the bill.