Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sex and Propaganda

A fascinating short history of the uses towards which sexual propaganda were put by both sides in the Second World War, copiously illustrated of course.

The girl you left behind

Fest steckt's und treu der Fremdarbeiter rein

There are few things as guaranteed to get men's dander up as the notion that someone else - especially some shifty foreign type - might be playing footsie with "their" women, and this fear of cuckoldry is what all of the very many propaganda pictures on the page linked to seek to play on. One thing that confuses me though - why is it that men everywhere seem to find it so much more upsetting that "foreign", strange looking men are sleeping with "their" partners, given that one is equally cuckolded whatever the origins of the other man? It can't simply be the fear of not "measuring up", as that test is already failed if one's partner is cheating on one, regardless of who she's doing it with.