Saturday, June 26, 2004

Holland Wins!

Yet another clifffhanger, and so many squandered chances! I feel sorry for the Swedes - they played well and this was a fairly even match - but I confess some partiality to the Oranje. If it were possible I'd really have liked both of these sides to go through, but if someone had to go home, this was as honorable a way to do so as any. Larsson, Ljungberg and company can hold their heads up high after tonight's performance.

Barring a total collapse by the Czech side tomorrow, the Danes will do well indeed to hold their opponents to penalties in the manner that their follow Scandinavians did the Dutch. The real "Thrilla in Manilla" (or rather, Lisbon) will be the Holland v. Holland match next Wednesday, as I fully expect the Greeks to be beaten by whoever they get to play against; then again, given my poor record of predicting these things thus far, that prediction of mine just might be the harbinger of Greece's procession to the finals.

Anyways, enough football blogging for now - time to get around to doing some real work for a change!