Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A Farewell to Ignorance

It appears that Kano State's Islamists have finally dropped their ignorant and obstructionist stance towards polio immunization, and the polio elimination drive will soon be resumed. What a pity so many children's lives have been needlessly destroyed while we were waiting for these madman to come to their senses.

The northern Nigerian state of Kano has confirmed it is to resume polio vaccination in early July, the World Health Organization says.
An immunisation campaign was suspended there last year following objections from religious leaders.
The announcement that Kano will start vaccinating again comes as a huge relief to the WHO in Geneva.
In the past year officials have watched the spread of polio from Nigeria with mounting concern and frustration.


The WHO hopes this will put its campaign to eradicate polio worldwide by 2005 back on track, but the renewed vaccination campaign still comes too late for the 257 Nigerian children who have been paralysed by polio since the start of this year.
257 children needlessly paralyzed in Nigeria alone! Kano's religious and political leaders must be so proud of themselves.