Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Africans in Microsoft

During my college years, I knew quite a few African students who eventually went off to work for Microsoft, and since then I've also discovered Dare Obasanjo, who seems to head up a lot of their Microsoft-related efforts. Still, it's a pleasant surprise to discover yet another Nigerian Microsoftie, and as it turns out, this one is also a Program Manager, working on the upcoming Longhorn release - Oji Udezue.

So much for the idiotic notion that "there are no blacks manning high-tech industries" (i.e. "I don't know of any, so they must not exist") - between those I know personally and those I'm only aware of through third-parties, I can name more than a hundred Africans who make their living doing just that, and we aren't talking low-level calldesk workers either - VLSI, language design, ERP application development, object-relational databases, you name it, they're there. In fact, talking to people in Washington D.C or London, the impression one gets is that I.T. is the only field African immigrants seem interested in nowadays.