Saturday, May 08, 2004

Zensiert, verhaftet, exiliert: "In meinem Weblog fühlte ich mich frei"

An interesting article by Der Spiegel on the experiences of Iranian weblogger Sina Motallebi's been making the rounds of the German-language weblogs. As much as I'd like to put up a translation of the whole thing, I don't have the time to do so, but I'd recommend anyone with decent command of German to at least give at a look.

Weblogs sind im Iran populär - und potenziell gefährlich. Sina Motallebi saß für sein Netztagebuch im Gefängnis. Dank Protesten aus der internationalen "Blogosphäre" kam er frei. "Die iranische Regierung kann Weblogs nicht stoppen", sagt er. Nur die Menschen dahinter.

English-language translation:

Weblogs are popular in Iran - and potentially dangerous. For his online diary, Sina Motallebi sat in prison. Thanks to protests from the international "Blogosphere", he was released. "The Iranian government cannot stop weblogs", he says. Only the people behind them.