Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Sign of Spammer Desperation

How else can one interpret an email message titled "canberra mockernut arnold carpenter ecclesiastic steepen impromptu soc vermin joan simplectic", and with the following in the body?

<p><font style="font-size:1px">runyon o'neill planetesimal harshen podium
exploratory .<br>
burgundy declassify crop caiman cameo zoroastrian fail! impelling
dell electrolysis chemisorption glint?<br>
assignation integrate hellebore airtight bug corduroy hardboard burglar
those crosslink bush invertebrate storyboard.</font></p>
This is sort of thing is clearly motivated by the hope of poisoning Bayesian spam filters, but it only goes to show that most spammers are a lot less mathematically talented than they imagine themselves to be. The corpus of words used by people in their email communications will vary from one individual to the next, and as such no attempt at filter-poisoning can ever be effective in the long run against a well-written Bayesian filter.