Friday, May 14, 2004

John Derbyshire is a Vile Bigot - Part CXII

Andrew Sullivan again leads me to an interesting tidbit; this time the tasty snippet is courtesy of the infamous Mr. Derbyshire:

My mental state these past few days: 1. The Abu Ghraib "scandal": Good. Kick one for me. But bad discipline in the military (taking the pictures, I mean). Let's have a couple of courts martial for appearance's sake. Maximum sentence: 30 days CB.

I already know what the Derbyshire apologists are going to offer as excuses for this sort of rubbish: that he was just joking, that he has a "provocative" style, etc, etc. Let me say right now that I don't buy a word of it. The statements above are of a piece with much of what John Derbyshire has said in the past, whether it be about gays, blacks, Irish catholics or some other group that doesn't meet his criteria for civility; this isn't irreverent "political incorrectness", it's sheer prejudice.

There comes a time when intellectual honesty requires even the most hardcore "Derb" fans to admit to themselves that the man they're cheering on is a bigot - unless they're bigots themselves, that is. I rather suspect that most of those who like the man's writings do fit into that category.