Friday, May 14, 2004

A Farewell to Movable Type?

This Metafilter entry makes for eye-opening reading, and I for one am glad in retrospect that I never made the jump to using MT. The 1-CPU licence restriction is particularly galling, and high-profile blogs with multiple contributors (examples of which can be found here, here, here and here) really need to start thinking hard about future possible alternatives: is $599 an acceptable price to pay for a 20-author limit on contributors? Does the fact that the licensing terms give no indication of whether the price covers any future upgrades or even how long support will last give no room for pause?

If these sorts of questions aren't a problem, and if group-bloggers aren't perturbed by the prospect of doing all their own code maintenance from this point onwards, then by all means I say stick with Movable Type; as for myself, if I do ever get around to moving to a self-hosted setup, it will likely be either Drupal or WordPress, both of which are licenced under the GPL, and both of which support XHTML 1.1 out of the box.