Saturday, May 29, 2004

Calling All Conspiracy Theorists!

PZ Myers is not amused by a pitch from MoveOn heralding The Day After Tomorrow as a showpiece for the dangers of global warming.

Dear gog, it's based on a book written by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. A spazzy New Age conspiracy theorist/talk radio host, and a deranged author who believes he was abducted by aliens. There isn't a scrap of serious science anywhere in this monstrosity, and I sure as hell don't want my party using this gonzo nonsense to inspire policy decisions.
This mirrors the argument I've often made in the past about shoddy "arguments" being marshalled on behalf of causes one believes in; the support of the likes of Art Bell is for serious scientific advocates of global warming policy changes what the vocal backing of Randites and Rockwellites is for libertarians - an excellent way to fall into discredit by association.