Sunday, April 25, 2004


It's articles like this one on the vote by the UN Human Rights Commission that strengthen me in the conviction that the United Nations is absolutely the last organization anyone should be looking up to as some sort of moral exemplar.

Dramatic new allegations have been made about a massacre allegedly committed by pro-government forces in western Sudan.

New York-based group, Human Rights Watch says it has established that pro-government militias executed 136 men in a coordinated operation last month.

The allegation comes as the United Nations Human Rights Commission adopted a watered down statement on Darfur.

The United States had pushed for a much harder hitting resolution criticising Sudanese government abuses.

Unlike the original draft resolution, the text does not go into details about the targeting of civilians by the Arab militias in Sudan, or mention rape, sexual assault and forced removals of black communities in the area.

Rather than condemning Sudan, it expresses solidarity with the country in overcoming the present situation.

Critics say this is a considerable climb-down by the UN and the resolution was voted against by the US.

"We fear a terrible famine to come when tens of thousands may well perish," the US envoy Richard Williamson said. "The commission so far has failed to meet its responsibility today." (emphasis added)

Absolutely incredible! Instead of condemning Sudanese actions, the UN "Human Rights" Commission actually decided on a message of solidarity with the Sudanese government! Tell me why I should give a damn what the UN says about absolutely anything ever again? The United Nations is a worthless organization.

UPDATE: This VOA article entitled "Human Rights Commission Losing Credibility, NGOs Warn" is also worth reading; frankly, I'd say the Human Rights Commission and the parent UN lost their credibility a very long time ago, and only now are the NGOs belatedly waking up to that reality. The wonder is that anyone should have expected better from an organization in which the great majority of members are dictatorships or kleptocracies of some form or another; just because a thing is "international" or "multilateral" doesn't magically make it virtuous or worthwhile.