Sunday, April 25, 2004

The Top 100 German-Language Blogs

According to Blogstats anyway (found via Heiko Hebig.) It really is amazing how little overlap there seems to be between the German and English-language blogging worlds, though thanks to a few highly connected individuals like Jeff Jarvis, the separation isn't actually total; for instance, I've been aware of Hebig's blog for some time, mainly through reading tech-oriented bloggers, while I've read Der Schockwellenreiter ("The Shock Wave Rider") in the past on more than one occasion. Still, the blogosphere demonstrates in a powerful manner the importance of language in connecting people together: the average British, Canadian or American reader is probably exposed to more of the output of bloggers from Britain's former colonies in Africa and Asia than he or she is to what is going on in the Continental European blogging scene.

A noteworthy oddity of this top-100 list is that one German blog that is widely-read by English-speakers isn't even mentioned: Davids Medienkritik, which almost certainly deserves the No. 1 or No. 2 spot on that list. I suppose the secret to popularity for German-language bloggers is to write from a right-wing perspective for an English audience.