Sunday, April 25, 2004

Things are Different in Norway

Very different. I just came across this Nettavisen story by following a link put up by Tyler Cowen that will no doubt confirm many sexually-deprived males that all their Scandinavian sex fantasies have some basis in truth.

26 seniors from two high schools in Oslo are going to participate in a porn film staring Norwegian porn actor Rocco in order to finance their end of the year parties.

Two of the girls are going to participate in a sex scene which will be taped in the girl’s bus, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

It is a Norwegian tradition that high school seniors, so-called russ, throw themselves into a month of partying to celebrate the fact that 13-years of schooling is drawing to an end. Many graduating russ buy old vans or buses which they drive during the month of partying, but everything has its costs and it is far from cheap. It’s common for students to acquire sponsorships from local business by putting their logos on their means of transportation in order to help finance their partying.

The girls have signed a contract with 21-year-old porn star Thomas Rocco Hansen to tape a scene for a porn film in their own bus as they lack other types of sponsorships to finance their party costs. They are also going to be interviewed regarding their sexual habits and sex fantasies. The girls will be paid about NOK 20,000 (USD 2900).

«We are in a hard spot, and I’m doing it for my friends,» explained the 18-year-old girl who has agreed to participate in a sex scene, to the paper VG. «I felt that some of us had to do a sex scene because then we would get more money to the bus. I have an agreement with the girls that the money will be used for the bus.»

She is aware that the sex scene may mean that she must have sex with Rocco.

«Yes, I am. I have really never viewed the porn industry as a filthy industry, but I sort of feel the pressure now,» she said to VG. «I am one of the few girls who dare to do this, and I will do it to help my friends. We need the money.»

Hey, the girls want make money to party by ... partying! There's a certain consistency in that - party girls will be party girls after all. Anyway, it would be interesting to see what native Norwegians make of all this, particularly with regards to the way in which it seems to confirm all the old clichés.

PS: Those looking for fodder for their onanistic daydreams will enjoy reading this Aftenposten article from September 2003, according to which Norwegians are world-beaters (pun intended) in terms of one-night stands, bested only by the Vietnamese and their fellow Nordics in Iceland.