Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Oreo! Hankie Head! Sellout!

I figured that my earlier critique of Bob Herbert's fetishization of racial integration of schools as an end-in-itself would get one or two fully paid-up members of the Authenticity Police on my behind, and sure enough, that's just what happened:

Foreign Dispatches, shows it's true colors. And seems more concerned with White-Americans reaction to diversity in the schools than education itself.

I've been found out! Yup, that's me, always on hands and knees thinking about what I can do to please The Man™. Hopefully, if I'm good enough, after a lifetime of service I'll get honorary white-man status or something.

Give me a break! I suppose it was my urge to "sell-out" that made me put up posts like this one or this one. Just because I don't happen to believe that every single idea that's on the Democratic Party platform is necessarily good for black people doesn't make me any sort of "sellout" or "Uncle Tom", unless those terms are taken to mean that one has the temerity to do one's own thinking. I've been through too much, and seen too much despair and suffering of a sort most Westerners of any color will struggle to imagine possible, for me to take ridiculous challenges to my motives and loyalties from any quarter as anything more than insults born of profound ignorance. If anyone has a problem with the ideas I put forward, critique them on their own merits, methodically dismantle them, savage them if you're able, rather than indulge in daft insinuations about my motives. Unless you were born and raised in the shanties of Kinshasa or something, you'll never be "blacker" or "realer" than I am.