Friday, April 09, 2004

Inside the Mind of Sam Nujoma

Lest there be any doubt left that Nujoma's as rotten as they come, and madder than a hatter, I heartily advise reading this English translation of a Die Welt interview of the man back in 2002 (the original German transcript of which can be found here). Reading this, I wasn't sure whether to be give in to riotous laughter at the buffoonish responses given by Namibia's president, or to to give in to deep sorrow that an entire nation should have been burdened with a "leader" so manifestly unqualified to tend to the affairs of state. Below is a small excerpt from the interview that gives a flavor of the workings of Nujoma's mind:

Let me start with something that many people expect by now, Mr President. And that is, with you being in very good health -- in fact if I look back to independence I see exactly the same person, it seems you never age -- if the people want you to run for a fourth term, would you accept the mandate?

It seems that you in the Western world have contradictions in your minds. There are two ways or manners of democracy, as we know. In Western Europe, in Britain, you have a prime minister who can be elected repeatedly by the people of Britain. So it is in Germany -- [Helmut] Kohl has been in office almost for the last 15 years, before the SPD [Social Democratic Party] and the Greens came into office. And in the United States they have two terms for each president.

Why is that news? Really, is that news? You travelled all the world to come and ask senseless issues?

The Namibian people have the right, just like all other people in the world, to decide who's going to be their next president. To me it's not news. Except that you, who are confused, try to create confusion in Africa.

No, I meant it straightforward. I just wanted to know from you, if ... obviously the people have a right to elect you. But would you accept?

You leave that to the Namibian people. Not for you to come and decide.

Okay. Another question, because we are in the neighbourhood here, is the Epupa Project [a controversial dam initiative]. When do you expect that to go ahead?

That is also not your business. That is the prerogative right for the Namibian people to decide, and their government, when it is put into operation. That project, or the other projects. It's not your business.

Well, I'm just interested, I'm not critical.

Interested for what?

It's like the Lesotho Highlands Project, like all of these big projects ...

... Then you go to Lesotho. In Namibia we make our own decisions. As we see fit, our own interest.

All I asked you was whether it will go ahead or whether you ...

It's not your business.


From this I now take it, that you say: in the longer run ...

Don't insult me further! Don't talk about my land. We fought and liberated this country through bloodshed and loss of life.

No, sir, I would never insult you. I really didn't come to insult you. I'm just here ...

[Agitated, points finger ] Stop that insult now!

... to get clarity.

Now you stop insulting me, by referring, talking to me about Zimbabwe. Go to Zimbabwe. You know where Zimbabwe is.
Stop that insult of talking about land in this country! You have no right whatsoever!

Strange that Nujoma considers the mere mention of Zimbabwe an "insult", considering that he thinks so highly of what Comrade Mugabe's been doing that he's even asked for Zimbabwean land reform "experts" to come over to teach his own people how the job ought to be done. This guy is a clown, utterly unable to answer a single question with anything other than a non-sequitur, leaning all the while on the crutch of "white racism" to disguise his irredeamable ignorance.