Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Gmail Account

I've just signed up for Google's Gmail service, so anyone interested in reaching me via email can do so by sending a message to [myfirstname] [at] [gmail dot com]. I think that's about as strong an endorsement I can give of my previous assertion that all the fretting about privacy issues is making much ado about nothing.

PS: The things spammers drive one to! It's ridiculous that one has to go to such lengths to frustrate their efforts as the above, isn't it? As sceptical as most people may be of the efficacy of law enforcement measures to deal with spam, I'm convinced that a concerted effort to convict the top 20 or 30 spammers on fraud charges and send them to serve serious time would reduce the inflow of junk into our inboxes dramatically.

The fact is that there really aren't that many of them out there who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the rubbish we're bombarded with each day, and even if the dirty work of actually sending the spam is outsourced to operators in lawless places like Russia, spam is, at the end of the day, all about financial transactions, and those are easy enough to trace. If the likes of Alan Ralsky were serving 10-year terms in federal prisons, the smaller fry would think long and hard before sending out their "make p3n1s fast!!!" missives.