Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Fountainhead - A Parody

I've never understood what so many people see in Ayn Rand's fiction, as I found the doorstops she put out as novels unbearably tedious reading, while her claims to originality as a philosopher are extremely overstated, what with her ideas being little more than warmed-over and dumbed-down Nietzscheanism. How is it that anyone who's outgrown his teenage years is able to find an iota of pleasure wading through the pulpy mess that is Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead, with their didactic, cardboard cutout figures of impossibly dynamic men and beautiful high-born damsels eager to submit to their brute strength?

Given my intense distaste for both Rand's ouvre and the groupies who worship her, this Fountainhead parody was right up my alley, and while we're at it, lovers of kitsch everywhere will thrill to the sight of this example of objectivist painting (courtesy of Reason's Julian Sanchez.) That Socialist Realis ... ahem, Objectivist aesthetic really is something, isn't it?