Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Ultimate Price

It's fashionable in many circles nowadays to dismiss supporters of the war in Iraq as "warbloggers" or "chickenhawks", but here's a reminder that it's too easy to assume that all such bloggers are armchair warriors. Via Instapundit, I've just learnt about Bob Zangas, a blogger and Marine Corps reservist who went to Iraq with the hope in mind of doing something positive for the people of that country, and who, as it transpires, was killed last week in an ambush in southern Iraq.

It is a fact that not everyone who supported the war in Iraq would have been willing to put his or her life on the line as this man did, but glib generalizations about "neocons", "warbloggers" and "chickenhawks" so common amongst those who opposed the Iraq war are every bit as indecent as accusing all those with anti-war views of being "traitors" and "America-haters."

UPDATE: If you wish to leave your condolences, here is the place to do it.