Saturday, March 13, 2004

Some Illegals are more Illegal than Others

This Free Republic post illustrates the racist thinking behind a lot of the opposition to illegal immigrants in the United States. Freepers never tire of bashing illegal immigrants and calling for immigration restrictions, but what do they have to say when the spotlight is turned on just one such group that happens to be white?

Could it be because Eastern Europeans are overwhelmingly white and willing to learn English, they are a safe group of immigrants to bash, albeit a relative tinkle in the ocean in terms of sheer numbers? I'm just waiting until a few are allowed to sue exploitive and dishonest employers and placement agencies for less than the legally mandated wages and bennies. Sure, they would expose themselves to deportation-- but deportation with a bankroll might not be so bad.
4 posted on 03/13/2004 2:34:11 AM PST by Vigilanteman(crime would drop like a sprung trap-door if we brought back good old-fashioned hangings)


To: Vigilanteman

Overseas workers often in U.S. illegally

What a rediculous[sic] headline. 'Overseas' workers? They are rather obviously not 'overseas' (exactly which sea does Paige St. John think they are over?) They are immigrants. More specifically, they are illegal immigrants. I'm glad to see an article on the topic, even though it twists and tortures both itself and the English language trying to evade that reality.

Even then, starting with an article on illegal immigration, do we really need to focus on Eastern Europeans? What proportion of the illegal immigrant population is this article focusing on? And why? Even doing an article on Eastern European illegal immigration, why focus on dishwashers? Why not focus on the rapidly expanding Russian mafia? While illegal, and should be stopped, Eastern Europeans (nor Asians for that matter) are not the cultural problem that non-assimilating groups are.
7 posted on 03/13/2004 2:50:26 AM PST by blanknoone (If our enemies want Kerry to be President, should Americans?)

Freepers are, by and large, the dregs of the right, but I think it useful to keep an eye on them, as their views are a lot more representative of a certain sort of Ordinary Joe than those of the highly selected opinionators who figure so prominently in the media and the world of blogging. The truth is that a lot of - and perhaps even most - antagonism towards illegal immigrants in America is based purely on a visceral, racially-based distaste for the "hordes" of swarthy "wetbacks" from down below the Rio Grande. In truth, Mexico is actually much better off economically than a lot of the Eastern European countries from which illegal immigrants hail, and I doubt most freepers and those who think like them would be half as exercised about illegal immigration if the immigrants had the exact same characteristics as Mexican immigrants do, but just happened to be white.