Thursday, March 04, 2004

Bye Bye John Edwards

And I have to say I'm glad he's done. What did this political tyro really bring to the table other than photogenic looks? His protectionist rhetoric got on my nerves quite a bit, and now that he's quit the race, Kerry can stop pandering to the anti-trade sections of the Democratic Party and start moving towards the center.

US Senator John Edwards has pulled out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination following his defeat in the "Super Tuesday" polls.
In an emotional speech to a crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mr Edwards praised Senator John Kerry who will now face George W Bush.
"The truth of the matter is John Kerry has what it takes," he said.
Speculation is now increasing that Mr Edwards may be picked by Mr Kerry as his vice-presidential running mate.
Mr Edwards, a North Carolina senator, failed to win any of the 10 states on Tuesday and throughout the race only won his native state of South Carolina.
In conceding the race to Mr Kerry, Mr Edwards said he would provide full support to the Massachusetts senator's White House bid.

I'd suspected from the start that Mickey Kaus' dislike of Kerry was founded on little more than a personal aversion to the man, and I'm glad to see that my suspicions have been confirmed by Kaus himself. Anyway, I'm glad his one-man attempt to build up John Edwards as something other than an empty suit failed ignominously - politics shouldn't be reduced to the shallow appearance-oriented nonsense that media-obsessed opinionators like Mickey Kaus pay so much attention to.