Thursday, March 04, 2004

Behold the Man

So this is the idiot obstructing the final elimination from the world of the scourge of polio.

Ibrahim Shekarau
Governor Ibrahim Shekarau

Governor Ibrahim Shekarau has said repeatedly that it is wiser to sacrifice a few number of children to polio today than to endanger a whole generation in the future.
To some [eh, shouldn't that be most? BBC relativism alert!] people this statement sounds controversial and unreasonable.
But the governor has maintained his position and indeed Kano, the most populous state in northern Nigeria, is not taking part in the polio vaccination exercise.
Governor Shekarau started work as a mathematics teacher, after graduating from the Ahmadu Bello University in the ancient city of Zaria.
He rose through the ranks, to become a principal, then a director and ultimately a permanent secretary, the highest office in the Nigerian civil service.


He was said to have fallen into the bad books of his boss and was demoted and then sent back to work as a classroom teacher.
This eventually forced him to retire from the civil service.
But he bounced back when powerful interest groups who wanted to oust the former governor supported Mr Shekarau's candidature.
He won elections last year and today he is governor.
On assuming office, he promised to make human development the main focus of his administration and also pledged to implement Sharia, strict Islamic law.
Governor Shekarau is a down to earth person.
He always mixes with local people and does not wear expensive clothes.
To Islamists, Governor Shekarau today surpasses Zamfara state governor Ahmad Sani, the first man to reintroduce Islamic law in northern Nigeria.
His total rejection of polio vaccines has now gained him even more publicity, surpassing by far what his supporters could have imagined.

How comforting it is to note Mr. Shekarau's willingness to sacrifice the futures of other people's children to his paranoid imaginings. This buffoonish product of Ahmadu Bello University is a perfect example of what can go wrong when all academic standards are sacrificed on the alter of "diversity"; under the Nigerian educational system, Northerners are guaranteed a certain number of university places, however dismal the qualifications of their talent pool.