Friday, February 13, 2004

The Inglorious Past

Head of a Khoisan Boy
If I've been focusing on South Africa of late, it's because I've been having a run of encounters with white emigrants from that country who've taken it upon themselves to present a distorted image of the past, as if it were a golden age for all of their former country's citizens, an age that has now (allegedly) given way to a new epoch of black barbarism. Images like these do more than any torrent of words to show these individuals up as the brazen liars that they are. I am no supporter of Mugabe-style retribution, and I think one ought to embrace in a spirit of reconciliation all those who are willing to genuinely break with the past, but I have no patience for those who try to make out that apartheid was anything other than a brutal system of racial oppression designed to keep blacks permanently in servitude to their white masters; all that "anti-communist" rhetoric is just so much bullshit.