Monday, February 23, 2004

Free Mathematics Texts!

Now, I'm sure this isn't exactly everyone else's cup of tea, but for all admirers of the queen of the sciences, this find by Jacques Distler will seem like coming into an unexpected inheritance. Why, there are texts covering algebra, number theory, topology, and even grubbily practical stepchildren like applied mathematics! What more could you possibly want, chopped liver?

Would-be logicians will especially appreciate Stephen G. Simpson's lecture notes on mathematical logic, which are surprisingly complete for an "incomplete set," Robert B. Ash has 3 online books covering first-year graduate algebra, algebraic number theory and commutative algebra, while J.S. Milne has notes on a broad range of algebra-heavy topics, including algebraic geometry, elliptic curves and class field theory. I've only touched on the subjects that catch my fancy, but there really is a tremendous amount of other material to be found by following the links on the master site. What are you waiting for?