Thursday, January 29, 2004

Paleoconservative Rubbish

Eugene Volokh has a post up dismantling the idiotic rantings of Paul Craig Roberts, "VDare" contributor and recent co-author, with Senator Charles Schumer, of an anti-free trade tract. How one individual manages to harbor so much idiocy within his head is beyond me. Let me give you a flavor of what Volokh has to say:

"In the old feudal system, there were no First Amendment rights. The legally privileged were free to engage in hate speech and to verbally harass others, but any commoner who replied in kind could be sued or have his tongue cut out. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott still has his tongue, but just barely. He used his tongue in a way that gave offense to the new aristocrats. Black Americans have been granted the right to be offended by any words they don't like and to extract retribution. The offending speaker finds himself forced into contrition and humiliating apologies. Often the penalty is a destroyed career. . . . The spectacle proves -- if proof is any longer required -- that the First Amendment has been trumped by the race-based privileges of the new feudalism." Wow -- "black Americans" are "the new aristocrats"; and when a public outcry leads to political damage to a politician (the general way in which free speech often works in a free country), that's somehow the equivalent of "feudalism." (italics added)

What more is there to say? There's plenty more where that came from. Anybody who writes for an outfit like "VDare" is by definition a depraved idiot. Fine company Chuck Schumer's keeping eh? That's what you get for hanging around with anti-globalization kooks.