Friday, January 16, 2004

The Geographic Distribution of Fulfulde Dialects

Those interested in learning a bit more about Fulfulde, the language spoken by the Fulani, may be interested in taking a look at the report linked to above, which is accompanied by some very nice and highly detailed maps showing the geographical distribution of the various dialects constituting the language. The extensive bibliography, which draws on literature available in both English and French, will also prove extremely handy for those wishing to learn more.

PS: One curious thing worth noting about the Fulani is that although they show evidence of substantial admixture with the peoples of North Africa - or, perhaps more accurately, are midway in appearance along the continuum that runs from the West African coast to the North African shoreline - they, unlike the darker-skinned, Afro-Asiatic speaking Hausa, have a Niger-Congo language. Why this should be so, I have no idea.