Friday, December 19, 2003

Libya Admits to Development of Banned Weapons

I'd say this news is a pretty forceful rebuttal of the argument that Bush's preemption doctrine doesn't work. The willingness to see through the destruction of Saddam's regime in the face of widespread international opposition has obviously put the fear of God in Moammar Ghaddafi.

Filed at 5:46 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- -- Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has admitted trying to develop weapons of mass destruction but now plans to dismantle all such programs, President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday.

Bush said Libya's decision -- which would open the country to international weapons inspectors -- would be "of great importance" in stopping weapons of mass destruction in a global fight against terrorism.

Britain and the United States have been talking about the issue with Libya for nine months, Blair said.

"Libya came to us in March following successful negotiations on Lockerbie to see if it could resolve its weapons of mass destruction issue in a similarly cooperative manner," Blair said in England.

At the White House, Bush said the war in Iraq and efforts to stop North Korea's nuclear program had sent a clear message to countries such as Libya that they must abandon weapons programs.

"In word and in action, we have clarified the choices left to potential adversaries," Bush said. That was an apparent reference to Iran and North Korea, two other countries that the United States contends are trying to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Without naming them, Bush added: "I hope other leaders will find an example" in Libya's action.

If Libya follows through with its commitment, Bush said, "its good faith can be returned."

What was that Dr. Dean said again about Saddam's capture not having made America any safer? The Democrats are almost certainly going to be crushed in 2004; I foresee a disaster of McGovern-Mondale proportions.