Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The Gentleman Doth Protest Too Much

There's always something delicious about catching a moralizing politician in the process of violating the very strictures he has spent so much time propagandizing for:

A vice chairman of a Louisville anti-pornography group was arrested Saturday night on a prostitution charge.

Police took John W. Riddle, 65, into custody after seeing him in a car at 17th and Rowan streets with a "known prostitute," according to the arrest report.

Riddle, of Clay Avenue in Okolona, is a vice chairman of the anti-pornography organization COMPASS. The organization, whose full name is Citizens of Metro for Property and Safety and Security, has been trying to stop adult bookstores and sex shops from opening near residential neighborhoods.

Riddle resigned his post yesterday, "and we have accepted," said Barbara Davis, another vice chairman of the group.

Police said that Riddle and Mary M. Perry, 42, were each charged with one count of prostitution after they told officers that Riddle had picked her up to have sex for money.

Riddle had a bottle of Viagra in his possession, according to the police report.

That Mr. Riddle took care to bring along a bottle of Viagra shows he had obviously taken the Boy Scouts' motto to heart - Be Prepared!

This story just confirms my suspicion that any public personality who spends too much time fulminating against sexual "immorality" is probably compensating for a few skeletons he has stuffed away in his own cupboard. What was that old saying about casting out the log in one's eye before removing the speck in your brother's?